Friday, July 15, 2011

Starting to look like a kitchen!

The last few days we've been focusing a lot on the kitchen and it's finally starting to take shape!  It's still dusty & not finished, but I'm pleased with the progress so far.  :)
This was the first paint attempt... but I didn't like the color.
They had to cut the cabinet to fit our sink
Then they installed the cabinets!  Looks much more like a kitchen now!
The other wall of cabinets.
Then we added 1x6 boards & molding above the cabinets
And we fixed the paint color  :)
We put the doors back on the cabinets
And put the knobs & pulls on the cabinets
I've been kind of obsessed with these pulls & I was so
excited when I found them on clearance! 
Adding fillers in the spaces
A very dusty/dirty version of our kitchen  :) 
And the other side.  The stove & microwave are getting delivered
today and it still needs some paint & a good cleaning but
I'm so excited that it's actually looking like a functional kitchen.  :)
I loveee our sink & faucet.  Lots.
We haven't had time to actually cook meals recently, so I can't wait until we can cook in it!

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