Sunday, July 3, 2011

More backyard updates!

On Friday, I was nannying all day (I'm nannying part-time this summer) and when I stopped by Harvard around 5:15, the back of the backyard had gotten a make-over!  Here are some before & after pictures:  :)
After  :)
Crape Myrtles along the right side... and a finished fence!
Some privacy trees
Finishing up.  Side note:  Check out Aaron's saweeeet jorts!
My vegetable garden!   So excited about this!
Aaron's birthday present... fits perfectly in this spot on the deck!
Jeff, Aaron, Matt, & Isaac had been working hard on the back of the backyard & it looks really good!  Now we just have to finish up the side of the house, and I think (??) the yard will be done!  Oh, and I have to install my flower boxes & plant flowers in them, too.  What a fun thing to come home to after work!  :) 

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