Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ballers, Shot Callers, Drywallers.

Lots of the walls in our house needed to be fixed.  So there has been LOTS of puttying & sanding & painting going on!  Aaron & I have spent the last 2 nights painting until midnight but all the walls are finally primed!  If you're in the neighborhood, we have plenty of brushes & we're happy to share!  :)  Here are some pictures of that process.
Hanging drywall for the new bathroom
Matt & Aaron mudding the walls
Lots to patch after the paneling came down!
Michael hanging more drywall
Removing the beams from the wall that used to be there.
And patching it afterwards
Micah & Virginia rode their bikes over to help!
Micah & Aaron fixing walls
Virginia is a nail-gun pro  :)
Then there was LOTS of priming to do in all the rooms!
Priming the new door for the laundry closet
Isaac helped prime ALL day  :)
And Aaron had tons of sanding to do!
This is what it looked like post-sanding so... cleaned up the sanding mess with the shop vac.

Done with priming!
Juice shop gifts are much appreciated!  Thanks Mom & Aaron Lee!
These lovely lights are awesome & enabled us to see
what we were painting at midnight!  Thanks Sara!
Now I'm ready for some real paint colors to go on the walls! 

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