Friday, July 15, 2011

Fixing the hardwoods

One of the things I love about our house is the hardwoods throughout most of the rooms.  But when we knocked down a wall between the previous dining area & kitchen, there was only hardwoods in half of the new room.  So while I was nannying, Aaron & Jeff installed new hardwoods to continue the old ones through the whole room.  
This was the subfloor under what used to be the kitchen.
So this is where they had to add new hardwoods.
He had to cut the old hardwoods off in a straight line.
Stapling (with a really fun stapler!) the paper down.  
And this is what they finished with!  
The two sides should look alike once they're
refinished & restained next week. 
Welcome to our soon-to-be dining room.  :)
It's fun to go to work & come back to see all their progress!

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