Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Painting & pizza party!!

We have wonderful friends!  Last weekend, a bunch of our friends came over & helped us paint all the rooms in our house (except for the kitchen & guest bathroom, which had already been painted).  It was such a HUGE help!  We got 2 coats done in all the rooms, which saved us a ton of time.  Whew!  We fed them pizza in exchange for all their hard work.  Once all the baseboards & window moldings are back up & we put up the crown molding on the ceilings, I'll get to work on the trim painting.  :)
Mom painted the top of the dining room.
Kaitlin, Jessica, & Haleigh painted the bottom of the dining room
Will & JP painted the den a shade of gray  
Marshall worked on the living room walls
Garrett, Melissa, & Matt painted the master bedroom
Josh & Will painted the master bathroom
Aaron & I kind of bounced from room to room
And my mom painted the hall ceiling
Zach, Kaitlin, & Haleigh getting ready for some pizza!
Jessica, I feel like I have a lot of pictures of you sitting there.
Katie brought Zach by to see the progress  :)
The Morin family!
Hey Zach  :)
Finished front guest bedroom
(floors & trim still need to be done in all rooms)
Finished den 
Finished living room
Finished dining room
Finished kitchen (I had painted this beforehand)
Finished master bath
And the finished master bedroom
It was such a fun time & very productive!  THANKS again to all our wonderful friends who helped!  Can't wait to have you guys over for dinners!!

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