Friday, July 1, 2011


Since we are moving the kitchen, adding a bathroom, and moving the washer/dryer, there was a lot of plumbing to re-do in our house.  And because it's an old house, the plumbing in the current front (guest) bathroom needed to be re-done too.  Essentially the whole house's plumbing was re-done.  So Aaron spent about 3 days under the house doing plumbing stuff.  
This room is no longer going to be a kitchen, so this plumbing had to be moved.
So...Aaron ripped up some more flooring in the house.
This space is all going to be the dining room when we're done.
But first, the rotted subfloor had to be taken up.
This is the new plumbing for the kitchen sink in the soon-to-be kitchen.
Then Aaron had to remove the flooring where the master bath is going to be. 

This will eventually be the master bath.
And this will eventually be in our bathroom, not the bedroom.
Adding more plumbing holes in the bathroom.

Aaron spent a lot of time under the house!
New plumbing for the washer/dryer.
And he added a water spicket in the backyard.
Next up:  Electrical!

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