Saturday, October 6, 2012

Triple Lakes 40 Mile Trail Race

Oh, don't you worry.  I did NOT run a 40 mile trail race.  Not a chance.  But... I did go watch & cheer this morning for my hubbs and four of our other sweet friends from high school who ran the relay race together.  :)  It was an absolutely gorgeous morning, perfect for a run and perfect for cheering!  And it was so great to hang out with this group of friends.  Everyone came over last night for a pre-race dinner (so fun!) & then we all got to walk & talk this morning while they were waiting for their turn to run.  Michael, Lynn, and Cooper... don't you guys want to move back to Greensboro?! 
The Trail Tamers...  :)
Turner, Lynn, Emily, Aaron, & Beahm
Oh, hey cutie  :)
"I'm pretty sure all these people do is run. And eat carrots."  - Emily
{ referring to all the runners running the 40 mile trail race solo }
Cuddling  :)
They're off!
Walking with my Little Man to the spot where Aaron finished.
The Beahms.  Minus Cooper.
Davis & the ladies!
Go Aaron, Go!
Finishing his leg of the race... with a smile.
"Baton" handoff complete. Go Lynn!
Such a pretty setting for a race!!
And First Place goes to the Trail Tamers!  :)
Nice job guys!  Next year I expect you all to run the whole thing by yourselves.  Deal?!  :)

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  1. We had so much fun!!! Thank you for hosting us on Friday. LOVED cuddling Davis!