Monday, October 1, 2012

A look back at September...

As of this morning, Davis weighs 13 pounds, 10 ounces!  He's getting so big!  September was a really fun month for us... Davis started to love having "conversations" with us (using just his vowels, of course!) and interacting with us with little games.  Such a fun stage!  Here are some pictures from this month:
This month, I've been sleeping 7-8 hours at night...
which makes mommy & daddy very happy!
I take my baths now with no fussing!
I even like to play in the water and splash with my feet.  :)
I went to the Greek Festival.  Mmm!
I'm working hard on my head control... such hard work!
It's easier for me when I'm on my Bummzie pillow.  :)
I got to go to my first soccer game! 
And I took a road trip to visit Aunt Eliza!
I love Chapel Hill already.  :)
Last week, I had my first play group! 
So many new friends to get to know!
And I took my first bottle.  Not gonna lie, I wasn't a fan at first.
This new toy from the Johnsons is my favorite!!
I love to bounce and make the music start!
And mommy took me to the nursery last week during MOPS for the first time!
And I got to go back to the nursery on Sunday.
I did a great job but mommy & daddy missed me!
And I had my quarter birthday!  I'm 3 months old!
Such a sweet boy!

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