Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Davis Meets Uncle Micah & Aunt Virginia!!

Davis was born on the same day that Micah & Virginia got married... and since the wedding was in Houston, we obviously weren't able to go.  Last week, Micah and Virginia both had Fall Break, so they came to Greensboro and we were SO excited to see them!!  They had never met Davis and Aaron & I hadn't seen them since before their wedding.  I wish they lived closer... Memphis is such a long drive with a little baby!  Here are some pictures from our time together...
Meeting for the first time!
Aunt Virginia!
Uncle Micah!
Lunch at Mythos!
Somebody was ready for his nap...  :)
Being serenaded by Josh & Co.
We're so thankful we got to spend time with you guys!  Can't wait until December!!

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