Friday, August 19, 2011

Lots of Changes...

In the last month, there have been a lot of changes in the Riddle household.  {No, I'm not pregnant!}  First of all, on Friday, July 29 we officially moved into our new house!  :)  We are so happy to finally be living here & to be able to enjoy our home!  Please come visit... we love surprise (or planned) visitors!!
The second big change in our lives was that Aaron changed jobs... and careers.  On August 1, Aaron started working at Westover (our church) as the Middle School Director.  Pretty much his dream job.  :)  I am so happy for him & we're really excited to be able to serve together as a couple!  He'll still be working with the middle school population that he loves... but we know we have a lot to learn about ministry.  Aaron will be working with Marshall Johnson (the youth pastor when we were in middle school!), which will make his job very entertaining.  :)
Painting Aaron's new office
Marshall loves me.  :)
And I also just started a new job this week.  Well, I'm still a speech therapist in an elementary school, but I'm moving to Guilford County.  This is bittersweet for me because I looooved Grays Chapel Elementary.  The kids, the staff, my room... I loved everything about it, except the long drive to and from work!  I'm really going to miss GC but I'm excited about my new school.  Today was my first official day at Foust Elementary... and I'm excited to meet my kiddos next week.  :)
My classroom  
So that's it... a new house, a new career, and a new school.  :)

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