Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finishing touches!

Once we got all the big things in the house done & the rooms painted, all we had to do was some finishing touches before we could move in!  We spent 3 days painting trim & probably a day and a half finishing up the electrical work.  
There were no baseboards, window moldings, door moldings,
or crown moldings in a lot of the rooms.
Or shoe moldings.  So we had to add those.
But once they were added, they needed to all be painted white.
So my family came over and helped a lot with trim!
Mom & Isaac
Finished all the trim!
Then we had to hang shower curtains.
And Jake came over to finish the electrical work.
Then Aaron installed all the plantation blinds...
...and Eliza & I shortened them to the right lengths.
I heart plantation blinds.  :)
Pictures of the finished product coming soon!

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  1. It's amazing all the work you've done!! Can't wait to see the finished pictures and to visit :)