Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm a slave driver.

Some people say I'm OCD.  I'm not, I just like for my house to be clean.  So this whole house renovation with dirt, sawdust, and paint everywhere has been a challenge for me.  But thankfully, we're done cutting boards & making messes so I enlisted my wonderful friend Jessica to come scrub my house with me.  She's also obsessively clean and I appreciate that about her.  :)  She helped me scrub my bathrooms, bedroom floor, and kitchen floor.  At one point, she was hugging my toilet to clean behind it.  I owe her.  Big.  Meanwhile, while she was hugging my toilet, I was cleaning out the tub in our guest bathroom.  It was a big mess when we bought the house.  Luckily my sweet friend Katherine and her husband Jay came to see the house and Jay suggested that we refinish it.  Best idea ever.  Thank you Jay!!  
Cleaning the tiles in the kitchen...
...with a toothbrush. Good friend right there.
Clean kitchen floor!  Yay!
Now...on to the guest bathroom.
Bought this little gem at Home Depot.  Worth every penny.
Yep.  This was the tub.  Yowzers.
True story:  No one would have visited us.  
This is what Aaron came home to on his lunch break.
First I had to scrub the tub with a heavy duty cleaner.  3 times.
And scrub the tub with steel wood.  3 times.
And it made the tub look like this.  Not much better.
Then I sprayed a light coat of the refinishing spray.
This was after coat #1.  
30 minutes later, I sprayed a heavier coat #2.  It's white again!
Now hopefully more people will be willing to come visit us!
I love me a clean house.  :)

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