Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bienvenidos a Nicaragua!

July 17-24, Aaron & I had the opportunity to go to Managua, Nicaragua with a group of high school students with Greensboro Youth for Christ.  The trip was really great and we are so thankful for having the opportunity to serve together.  We went down to Managua to work with a missionary named Henry Vargas, who runs a christian school (Managua Christian Academy).  This is the 7th year YFC has gone down to work with Henry and they have always helped Henry with the school.  However, in September 2010, a series of storms caused Lake Managua to rise and it flooded the school, leaving it condemned.  Now Henry is operating the school out of a shopping center they are renting.  Our team worked at the shopping center to help turn the rooms into functional classrooms, held an eye clinic for the locals, and we also got to love on the precious children.  It was really neat to see how easily we could share God's love with them, even though we didn't speak their language.  
Our team
My dad and Henry Vargas
One of the class rooms at the condemned school
One of the classrooms at the new school.
Dr. Odom in the eye clinic

A local home.
Praying for Henry
To look at a photo album of our pictures, click here!

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