Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Adding a master bathroom

One of the biggest drawbacks to our house was that there was only 1 bathroom.  Luckily, the back half of the house was an addition and the master bedroom was plenty big enough to add a bathroom in.  :)  So here are some pictures of the bathroom we added... 
This was the bedroom before the bathroom.
And this is the place where the bathroom ended up.
So we had to move the door over to the right.
Aaron removed the flooring where the bathroom was going to be.
And put up the frames for the bathroom.
Soon-to-be bathroom.  :)
They put up drywall,
and installed the tub.
The skeleton of the linen closet.
Added a door,
and laid tile on the floors.
Beadboard on the walls!  :)
Starting to look more like beadboard. I heart beadboard.
Put grout in the tiles.
Aaron tried hard to persuade me that we needed a urinal.  Ha!
Installed the toilet & vanity.
Painted the walls.
And then we finished up by adding crown molding
and hanging the shower curtain.  :)
And putting in the baskets & the finishing touches.
So thankful for the second bathroom!  

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