Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Bee-Themed Baby Shower!

The week before my sweet Davis was born, 3 of my very best friends, Katherine, Meredith, & Emily, threw me a "Mama to Bee" themed baby shower.  It was adorable & a lot of fun!  And it went perfectly with Davis's grey & yellow nursery.  :)  They also had everyone bring Davis a book, which was perfect to help fill Davis's built-in bookshelves that we'd added to his nursery earlier this spring.  
Can't even tell you how much I love these 3 ladies!
I have so much respect for these Westover ladies!  :)
Ciani... friends since 6th grade  :)
Emily & Madison
An "ABC" Book for Davis 
Cambree drew some awesome pictures for him! 
Leann & Cambree  :)
Caroline had on an adorable bumble bee outfit!
This box full of books works perfectly next to my
swivel rocker in Davis's nursery!  :)
Thanks Mama Lee for graciously letting us use your house!
Mer & Mason!
My mom & sister... xoxo
Katherine & Caroline  :)  
Grimsley Girls!  Missed you Lauren  :)
Mer & Julie...  :)
I am so blessed to have all these wonderful women in my life!  Now all of you have to come over to meet Davis!  :)

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  1. Aww Thanks for the shout out! Haha. I am so sad I missed out on all the fun. The girls did a fabulous job! :)