Sunday, July 8, 2012

"It's Been One Week..."

Well, it's been a week (and a day) since Davis made his grand entrance into the world!  We might be a little lot sleep deprived, but he's totally worth every minute!  Here are some of the {many} pictures from this very busy week... 
So happy to be holding Davis!
Our nurse, Christine, and midwife, Dana... they were great!
June 30, 2012  :)

My daddy loves me!
Uncle Matt!
Sweet toes
I love this face!!
So glad he got to meet Katherine & Caroline!

Cousin Steph
Cousin Brenton
Cousin Maddy
Great Aunt Theresa
Granny Becks (just kidding mom!)
Meeting Uncle Josh
Such a sweetie!
The Hardy's
Reading "On the Night You Were Born"
Aunt Stacy & Uncle Aaron
Davis's great grandparents  :)
Grandaddy Rick
His first walk around the neighborhood!
And he celebrated his first 4th of July  :)
First check-up with the pediatrician
He got his first bath at home  :)
Great Aunt Lori
Aaron & I are so thankful that God has entrusted us with this little life.  We're already wrapped around his little fingers...  :)


  1. LOVE the pics! We are so happy for you as new parents! I promise the sleep deprivation will get so much better. You are both doing great! Davis is so handsome! Wow! I know you must be so thankful and so proud!

  2. Thanks!! We're looking forward to getting a little more sleep but it's definitely manageable. Davis can't wait to meet Isaac!! :)