Friday, April 6, 2012

Flooring the attic

Our attic was getting a little (ok, a lot!) cramped and we knew we were going to need to put a lot more up there once we made a guest bedroom into the nursery.  So Aaron and Matt got some more plywood from Home Depot & finished flooring the attic to give us more space.  And I'm so so so happy to have more room up there & to have everything cleared out of the soon-to-be nursery!!  Now I can't wait to get the nursery done!
We finally got the nursery almost cleared out...
(Thanks Kristen & Jessica for your help!)
But this is what the den looked like pre-attic floor!
Thankfully it only looked this terrible for about a day.
This extra space makes me so happy!!
So much more room for our junk  :)

I'm so thankful I have a handy husband & brother-in-law!!  :)

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