Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turner & Agustina's Reception!

Last weekend, Aaron & I got to go to Turner & Agustina's wedding reception and it was so beautiful!  Turner & Agustina actually got married a few weeks ago in Argentina (where Agustina is from), but they also wanted to have a celebration in Greensboro for friends of the Krebs family.  Here are a few pictures from the reception.  :)
The beautiful bride & the groom!
Carolina Girls  :)
My Speech Path loves!!
Oh, speech & hearing... good memories.
Love her immensely.  xoxo!
My handsome date!!
Donya was there!  Fun surprise  :)
William... kind of like a big brother to me  :)
So fun to see Lynn & Michael!
The Riddles & The Beahms 
Doyle!!  I've missed you!
CONGRATS Turner & Agustina!! 

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