Saturday, November 12, 2011

Aunt Lori came to visit!!

My sweet cousins and crazy aunt & uncle are missionaries in Germany so we don't get to see them very often.  We miss the Duhans like crazy.  And we miss all the other cousins who are off at college or living in another state or country.
A few weeks ago we got together at Lynne's house
and took a cousin picture... we held up pictures
of all the missing cousins, since we missed you guys! 
Only 4 of the girl cousins were there.
But Aunt Lori came back to Greensboro to visit last week!  And since Morgan's in school at Appalachian, she came home too so we got to see 2 out of 5 of the Duhan clan!  It was so good to see them & hang out with the family.  :)  But we missed you Nate, Maddie, & Brenton... and Aaron & Stacy!
 We started the day off with a little Just Dance action!
Congregated around Trent's chips & dip... typical.
Eliza & Trent
Hey cuties!
Aunt Lori!!
Mom & I matched  :)
My mom & sassafrass... and Lydia creepin!
Sarah & Steph
Almost all the girl cousins...
Sarah was a stand-in for Maddie, since they're almost twins.
And Stacy, we missed you.  But you're in  a background picture!
Lori & the Riddles.  Her two all-time favorites.   ;) 
Maddie, we all missed you!!
Did you really think I wouldn't post this Eliza??
Love & miss you guys!  See you next summer?!?!  ;)

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