Friday, November 25, 2011

High Point Half Marathon

A few years ago, if I had told my dad that he'd be running a half marathon, he would have laughed at me.  Eliza too.  But after a few months of diligent training, they just finished their first half marathon in High Point a week ago!!  They ran the whole way & did it in a faster time than their goal time.  I'm so proud of them!  :)  
Dad & Lib with their fan club.
Except mom, who took the picture.
Go team O'Hare!
Ready or not... here they come.
Eliza tried to hide from all my pictures.  Lame.
At mile 5. 
At mile 10.
Thumbs up from Eliza... good sign.
At mile 13....  .1 to go!
Gold metals at the finish line...  ;)
Next year, maybe I'll run it with y'all.  Maybe.  :)

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