Thursday, December 5, 2013

Road Trip to NashVegas!

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Aaron, Davis & I went to Nashville for 5 days.  It was a long drive but totally worth it.  Aaron was going to a youth ministry conference so we decided to tag along... and I'm so glad we did because we got to spend most of the time we were there with two of my brothers and two of my sister-in-laws!!  Since they all live in Memphis (3 hours past Nashville), we don't get to see them quite as often... so it was such a blessing to get to spend good time with them!  
During the day on Friday, Davis & I had went to the Nashville Adventure Science Center.
And thanks to our Greensboro Science Center membership, it was free!
They had a room full of interactive trains!
Davis loved it.  
Little explorer
I love being serenaded by this little pianist.  :)
Thankfully our hotel room had a fantastic living room.
Essential when you have a busy toddler! 
Love this boy!
Helping rinse out the shampoo during bath time.  :)
Dinner Friday night with Uncle Isaac & Aunt Caroline!!!
Please note Isaac's attire.  Typical.  :)
And on Saturday we got to hang out with Aunt Burr & Uncle Mac!
They took us to visit Vanderbilt, where they went to school.
The highlight of Davis's day was watching the big construction trucks with Uncle Micah.  :) 
After a yummy Sunday brunch.  
Aaron & I had dinner on Sunday night with these goofballs! 
I'm so thankful for ALL of my sister-in-laws! Couldn't have chosen better ones!  :)
Davis had a great trip!
He really enjoyed playing with the luggage cart while Aaron packed up the car!
Thanks Micah, Virginia, Isaac & Caroline for driving to Nashville to hang out!!  :)

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