Monday, December 23, 2013

A Look Back at November...

Well, seeing as how it's almost the end of December, I probably should put up our pictures from November...   Oops!  :)
Daddy had shoulder surgery at the beginning of November...
So I helped out with some of the chores.  :)
I also love to help with inside chores, like doing the laundry. I'm a good helper!
I like to play on my motorcycle/car. When the music plays, I dance!
I still give the best hugs & kisses!
I built a fort with my daddy and had fun playing with him in it!
I make the best faces & love to be silly...!
My faces make my parents laugh.  :)
I'm getting two more top teeth & two top molars. Ouch!
I LOVE bath time!! I don't want to get out of the bath tub when it's bed time.  
I'm a really good eater still. I started eating meat this month but still have trouble chewing some of it. 
The week before Thanksgiving I went to Nashville & got to see Uncle Isaac & Aunt Caroline!!!
And Uncle Micah & Aunt Virginia! It was so great to see them! 
While I was in Nashville, mommy & I went to the Adventure Science Center
and got to play with interactive trains!!
I also got to visit Vanderbilt where Virginia & Micah went to school.  
This month I've been working on my coloring...
...and my puzzle skills.  
I like to play with the phone camera and take pictures!
I love anything that has wheels!! I stand at the door and watch trucks or school buses drive by.
I got to watch construction trucks with Uncle Micah!
The next week, I got to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family!!  
We went to Mimi & Grandaddy Rick's first... 
...and then Papa & Grandmama's house.  :)  I love my family!
And I loved helping them put their Christmas tree up. Pretty lights! 
I got to tell people that I'm going to be a big brother!  :)
We are so excited for Christmas in the Riddle household!!  :)

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