Friday, August 3, 2012

Introducing the class of... 2034?!?!

When we were leaving the hospital, they gave us a sheet of paper with some fun facts about being born in June 2012 (like the fact that the average cost of gas was $3.75/gal, June birthstone is a pearl, etc.).  Here were a few of the facts:  Babies born in June 2012 will start kindergarten in 2017, be old enough to drive a car in 2028, finish high school in 2030, and will graduate from college with the class of 2034.  Oh wow.  I don't even want to think about the day when Davis leaves for college.  When I got home from the hospital and read the sheet, I definitely cried.  Thank you pregnancy hormones.  But I'm really excited about some of the precious babies that have been born this year and should be in Davis's grade in school.  Two of my very best friends had babies this year and Davis has gotten to meet their kiddos!  And he's got many more Class of 2034 little munchkins to meet soon...  :)
Davis is so comfy with Mer!
Meredith & Ryan's son, Mason, was born in September 2011.
Mason's trying to figure him out.  :)
Davis, Mason's going to be one of your good friends!
Davis's 2nd time meeting Miss Caroline, who was born in April 2012.
Picture attempt #1.  Unsuccessful.  :)
There we go!  Peaceful sleeping babies!
I'm excited for them to grow up together & be friends.  I hope Davis has friends that are as big of a blessing as Katherine & Meredith have been to me!  :)

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  1. LOVE that they will be in the same class in school. So precious and thrilled we were able to squeeze that sweet boy a 2nd time! Have fun at the beach :)