Sunday, October 23, 2011

Removing moss from the roof.

After we moved into our house, our lovely insurance company said they were going to cancel our homeowner's insurance because we had moss on a small section of our roof.  Really?  I thought that was a bit overkill for a little moss that doesn't even hurt the roof but... to avoid being dropped from our insurance, Aaron & I set out to remove the moss.  All we used was a liquid solution (half water, half bleach) in a spray bottle and some scrub brushes.  
The moss
Thankfully, it was just a small section over the porch. 
No more moss!
All clean.  :)
It really wasn't that hard & didn't take too long.  But I'm not gonna lie... it took me a while to get off the roof & back onto the ladder.  Thankfully, I survived!  :)

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  1. “A little moss that doesn't even hurt the roof” - Uhmm, I hate to say this, but you got it a little wrong. Moss, no matter how little, do harm the materials of the roof. They are proven to be the cause of house leaks, so insurance required home owners to remove it before they renew the insurance policy.
    Terence Watthens @