Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I love my chandelier.

The Lettered Cottage is one of my favorite blogs because I love Layla's cottage-y style.  I loved the chandelier she put in her dining room... so I copied it in our dining room.  And I really like it.  Thanks Layla!  :)  Here's how I did it:
Got my lamp shades & braided jute cord.
Glued the braided jute to the bottoms of the lamp shades.
Jake hung it for me.  
Voila.  Dining room chandelier.  
Now I just need to repaint my table...
The chandelier was from Ikea, the lamp shades were from Lowes, and the jute braid was from M&J Trimming (I ordered 2 yards online).  Overall, it was only about $75 and really easy to make.  :)  

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