Sunday, January 5, 2014

Krispy Kreme Gender Reveal...!!!!

Little Riddle #2 is a BOY!! We're so excited to have ANOTHER precious boy for Davis to play with!! We found out during the ultrasound on Friday morning & we told our families on Saturday. Because so many of my siblings are out of town, we decided to use Krispy Kreme donuts to tell everyone if it was a boy or girl (the donuts are filled with either pink or blue filling). We were able to order some in Tennessee for my brothers & sister-in-laws who live there (they just went to the store & picked them up) and we got some in Greensboro for Aaron's family & the rest of my family. The only people I wasn't able to order them for were Aaron & Stacy... I wasn't sure how to get in touch with the Krispy Kreme in New Zealand (boo!).  ;)  But it was so simple & worked perfectly for us... and who doesn't love a Krispy Kreme donut?!
We had all of our family members fill this out first...
winner winner, gets a free dinner! 
Saturday morning we went to pick up our BLUE donuts!
We're excited for another little boy!!!
Big Brother Davis was loving his donut!
Baby blue...!
My festive parents had set their table in blue & pink...
...and my dad dressed for the occasion & my mom painted her fingernails pink & blue! 
Excited grandparents!
Then we went to tell Aaron's family at their Cousin Christmas!
I didn't get many pictures because I didn't have my camera ready...oops!
Then Isaac & Caroline ate theirs in Knoxville... 
Aunt Ziza!
And last but not least...
Virginia & Micah in Memphis!
Bring on the forts, trains & soccer balls!!!  :)  :)  :)


  1. Oooh how FUN!! CONGRATULATIONS on sweet baby boy #2!!!

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  3. Hi Hannah! I couldn't find another way to contact you so...I’m Ferren from I stumbled upon some of your photography on Pinterest and I just had to reach out to you! Your work is amazing! I saw these pictures and was completely blown away… SO beautiful!


    We are putting together a beautiful round-up of gender reveal photography tips and ideas. I would absolutely LOVE to feature your work!! I would give 100% of the credit to you within the post and link back to your website so people could browse around even more.

    I'm hoping to get the feature up in the next few days, so I would love to hear back as soon as possible! Thanks so much, keep up the gorgeous work and I’m excited to hear back from you!

    Ferren Ballash
    The Dating Divas