Friday, January 24, 2014

A Look Back at December...

Here are some of the things we were up to in December...!
We went to my friend James' first birthday!
I like to play with my friends!
Aunt Eliza ("Ziza") came home & I LOVE hanging out with her!!
I ask for her all day long & get excited when I see her!
I went golfing for the first time!
I'm a quick learner...  :)
Mommy & Daddy took me to meet Santa. He was big & scary.
I stopped nursing this month (17 months) so all my food is table food!
There were some pretty days so we played outside...
...throwing & kicking balls is my favorite!!
Bath time is probably my favorite time of the day!
I'm a great helper! I help with things like putting away my dirty laundry.
I love to cuddle. My mommy doesn't complain.
Daddy & I watched the sharks at the Greensboro Science Center.
I ate my first Yum Yum's hot dog!
And of course I couldn't leave without ice cream. Mmm.
I worked on my coloring skills in the evenings. 
I celebrated Advent and got to decorate my Advent Tree
I watched some Panthers games!
Miss Emily came in town for Christmas break!
I love to go outside! It's one of my favorite words ("side") to say over & over!
When I'm outside, playing in and around the shed is my favorite. I could stay out here all day!
I went to the Grey Gables Christmas lights walking trail
with my parents & some of our friends.
We went to the Christmas Eve service at church.
I celebrated Christmas morning with my mommy & daddy!
We also celebrated Christmas at Nana & Pop's house...
...and Grandaddy Rick & Mimi's house.  :)
I had a great Christmas!
I was so glad that almost all of my aunts & uncles were in town!
I got to hang out with my mommy & daddy's friends from childhood
and some of their little ones! We had lots of fun!
Then we celebrated Cousin Christmas at Grandmother & Pop's house.
I was sad that I had to say bye to all my O'Hare aunts & uncles
but had a great time while they were here!!
Man, these days are flying by! 

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