Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Look Back at August...

Here are some of the things that happened in August around the Riddle house...
I've been practicing my walking & am pretty close to being independent.
I can walk 50+ steps by myself but am still timid about doing it if there's no one to walk to.
Uncle Matt & (almost) Aunt Melissa asked me to be in their wedding next May!
I'm very excited and practicing my walking!
My friends came to the pool with me!
I love to pull my toys out of their containers & put them back in.
I got my 1st real boo boo!!  This walking thing's tough!
I played at the pool a lot this month!  I'm a little water baby!
We also liked to go to the pool in the evenings to eat dinner.
I love to get tickled & have a great little laugh!
I went to Memphis to visit Uncle Micah, Aunt Virginia, Uncle Isaac & Aunt Caroline!!! 
They took me to Shelby Farms where I had lots of fun.
While we were in Memphis, I got to see Miss Katie...
...and Miss Emily!  So fun!
I'm a great eater!!  So far, I'm not picky...
My breakfasts are usually eggs, yogurt, fruit and/or steel cut oats.
This particular morning, I was eating yogurt & peaches.  
My lunches & dinners look more like this...
This meal was quinoa, peas, plums and squash/zucchini/okra. 
My favorite food this month? Tomatoes. Fresh out of the garden. I can't get enough!
I helped my daddy move into a new office...
I like going to visit him at work because he has so many toys!
I also like going to the park in our neighborhood. I love to swing!
My daddy is the best wrestling partner!!
I usually pin him, though. 
I can stick my tongue out on demand & think it's really funny!
I had a lazy day at the lake last Saturday... it was my first time really floating in the lake & I enjoyed it!
I loved getting to hang out with my Aunt Eliza!!
I like playing the drums at Mimi & Granddaddy Rick's house!
I love to clap for myself... and for you to clap for me too!!
Hello September!!

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  1. First boo-boo? A naked baby? I'm calling social services!