Friday, March 1, 2013

A Look Back at February...

Here are some of the things that Davis was up to this past month...
I got to help Daddy at work!
My arms are getting so strong when I play on the floor!
I played outside when it was warm enough...I'm excited for summer!
I celebrated my 1st Valentine's Day!

I started saying "mamamamama" when I babble...
My mommy likes to pretend I'm saying her name.  :)

My Uncle Matt got engaged to Melissa!
So excited to be getting another aunt soon!
I learned how to roll from my back to my tummy.
My all-time favorite place to hang out
is on my daddy's shoulders!
I'm a really great eater!
So far, I've liked all the foods I've tried, except avocados.
My favorites right now are pears, butternut squash, & bananas!

I finally learned to sleep without being swaddled this month!
I also finally really started sleeping through the night!  :)
And my favorite games are "This Little Piggy"
(I'm very ticklish, especially my precious toes)...
...and Peek-a-Boo! I laugh & laugh at these games!

And I turned 8 months old!!
The months are just flying by!!

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