Friday, February 1, 2013

A Look Back at January...

Here are some highlights from January...  :)
I celebrated my 1st New Years!
I played with my new Christmas toys!!
I was dedicated at church. My life verse is Romans 15:13.
I helped Aunt Eliza celebrate her birthday.
I saw my 1st SNOW and I had fun playing in it!!
I went to Winston to meet Miss Emma Grace!
I started reaching for people when I want to be held.  :)
When the weather was pretty, I went to the park
with my mommy & daddy and got to play on the swing!
I went to the airport to say bye to Daniel.  :(
Aunt Bonnie, Cousin Janice and
cousins Colby, Dylan, Abby & Blake came to visit us in NC!
I get to hang out with lots of my friends on Thursdays at play group.
I am big enough to sit in the front
when I help mom and dad at the grocery store.
And I turned 7 months old!! I'm so big!
It's been a great month!

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