Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Look Back at October...

October was a great month, full of lots of new things for Davis and fun time together as family!  Here are pictures from some of our favorite things we did this month...
We cheered for Daddy as he ran his race!
I started to reach for my toys with my hands.
 I got to go on a picnic in the park with mommy & daddy.
I loved being outside on these beautiful fall days!
I love to babble & copy my daddy!
I also started to giggle this month, which my parents love!
I get to sit up like a big boy at the table for meals now!
Pretty soon, I'll be eating big kid food.
I finally got to meet Uncle Micah & Aunt Virginia!!!
I loved spending time with them!!
I started being interested in watching myself in the mirror.
I went to a pumpkin farm with daddy & mommy.
At the farm, I swung in a swing for the first time...
...and rode on a cow train for the first time!
And I got to pick out my first pumpkin.
It was bigger than me.  :)
Because my head control is so good now,
I can sit in the Bumbo Melissa gave me!
And I LOVE standing & dancing!
It's my favorite!
I made this art with my hands & feet for my mom's mantle.
I'm very talented.
I love to read books with daddy before going to bed.
I look intently at the pictures.
Mommy hopes I'm going to be a little Book Worm.  :)
I celebrated my first Halloween!
My mommy made me dress like a dragon.
But I can't lie... I was pretty stinkin' adorable.
I went to see daddy at the Pumpkin Bash at church.
I can't wait until mommy & daddy let me eat the candy!
And I turned 4 months old!!
So excited for the upcoming holidays!!

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