Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"April Showers" Baby Shower!

Last weekend, some friends and I threw an "April Showers" themed baby shower for our sweet friend Danielle who is due with a baby boy on June 6! Here are some of the pictures: 
Noah and Hudson are due 6 days apart so we may be in the hospital together!  :)
The food table was decorated with a rain cloud (balloons) and raindrop garlands.
A big thanks to Sara for letting me use her silhouette to cut out the raindrops, drink clouds & letters! 
Ice cream bar!! Mmmm!
Toddler rain boots.  :)
The favor table
Noah's nursery colors are going to be orange & aqua!
We used the color scheme to make printables & artwork for his walls.
Danielle & the hostesses... except we forgot to take it before Andrea left!!
Baby charades!
Spotted: jersey hands!  :)
Seriously. Kerri's diaper clutches are amazing. A great baby shower gift!! 
It was so sweet to see all these women come and bless Danielle and Baby Noah! We can't wait to meet that little man!!!


  1. Hannah this is all SO cute. Love the theme and all the details!!

    1. Aww, thanks Katherine! I think YOU are SO cute & I love you!! AND I'm super excited about OUR little boys being so close!!!

  2. Such an adorable shower! I love all the details... I only wish I could've been there to join in on all the fun! ;) I'm so excited for Danielle AND you!!

    1. Aww, thanks Summer... we wish you'd be there!!!

  3. Wow!! This baby shower is wonderful. Have never arranged any baby shower but will be doing it now for the first time. Would love to implement some of your ideas at these LA event venues. Want to make her day wonderful and memorable. Hope will be able to do it.